Syrians on Eid

 An Infographic on Eid 2013 for Syrians 

An Infographic on Eid 2013 for Syrians 

These days should be sacred.  They should be joyful and sweet for everyone.  But for three years now, Syria has been silently bleeding.  The deafening cries from the displaced, the tortured, the starved, and the dead, have gone virtually unheard in the majority of the world.  How will Syrians possibly celebrate this Eid?   

And how can I enjoy this holiday when I know what is happening to my relatives, my friends, my former students, and my heritage?  I am hurting, but I am just expected to go on with life and continue pretending that everything is normal, everything is fine. 

But everything is not normal.  Everything is not fine.   

Please spread the word.  I am only asking for one thought, one moment, one click, and one prayer. 

Dena AtassiComment