Sad News

I have been working for three years on someone else's dream that inspired me to come to Saudi Arabia.  I never had the opportunity to meet the owner of our school, but I worked from the bottom of my heart as if he was a member of my own family.  His vision inspired me.  He wanted his school to be used as a template for the rest of Saudi Arabia.  He published books--he was a forward thinker, especially when it came to women's rights and female education.  He chaired the Ministry of Education across the entire country.

Yesterday, he passed away.  

The only thing that comes to my mind is: To Him we belong, and to Him we are returning (Quran, Chapter 2).  But the fact that my few years here, full of heartache and frustration, with some ups and many, many, many downs, haven't yet led to the actualization of his dream, well, it hurts.  God bless him and all of us--as we're all headed in that direction.

But we live our lives, planning and strategizing and hoping that someday our projects will reap the fruits of our toil.  Maybe we will be alive to see that day, and maybe we won't.  But I hope that that day will still come.  May He never allow our efforts to go to waste, and may He purify our intentions and bless our work, Ameen (Amen).

Right now, words fail me.  I have nothing more I can write.

Dena AtassiComment