Camel Teppanyaki in Riyadh!


Two shakes away from where I work is a posh Chinese restaurant named Mirage, owned by the father of two of my lovely students.  Coworkers and I love going there after a long day because of the beautiful decor, easy atmosphere, and super yummy (albeit expensive) food.

Some of the booths are wedged in between giant fish tanks, and some sit on pagodas over water.  These photos are taken of one of their Japanese-style seating areas, where you actually sit on the floor and tuck your feet under the table (there is an in-ground hole for your footsies).  They also have VIP rooms in the back which are quite impressive and come complete with sofas that come in handy for bumming out when your belly is too full to leave.


But for me, the restaurant has so much more to offer than a pretty outlet to chill and eat.  It also has some super weird-sounding but yummy (promise!) things on the menu--like CAMEL Teppanyaki.  This 90SAR (around $25USD) plate doesn't include rice but it comes steaming in a bowl shaped like a wrought iron fish.  The first time I tried it, I think my mouth almost fell off my face--it is one of the best meats I have ever had in my life.  Camel meat is unbelievably juicy and tender and wholesome.  


I tried to upload a photo I have of the camel Teppanyaki but it is a bit blurry.  Unfortunately, my Instagram video of the simmering camel Teppanyaki isn't loadable onto this site, but you can view the grand five seconds of glory by clicking here.

I have eaten almost everything on the Mirage menu and I can recommend it all except for the soups (way too sticky, sweet, and cold).  If you are an expat in Riyadh, this is DEFINITELY a place to hit up while you're here.

Screenshot 2014-03-06 21.05.27.png

The above picture is not the best but a friend graciously took it of me and I thought I would include it.  I was super tired that Friday, but it was a good day filled with sweet memories, thank God.

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