Workaholism in Riyadh

 Suzie boards the airplane - Summer 2013

Suzie boards the airplane - Summer 2013

It's been three weeks since I've been back.  I stepped off an airplane one night with Suzie and had work the very next morning.  When I arrived, I had a meeting with our Superintendent, who informed me that the new Principal was not, in fact, coming from America.  "You will take over her duties until we hire someone else," she explained, in addition to my full-time teaching and program organization load.

So I dived into work and out of the sun, losing my wonderful tan day by day.  I met the new teachers, organized orientation and training for them, edited the crappy staff handbooks that my former supervisor had begun last year.  

I began my work days at 5:30am and didn't leave until twelve or thirteen hours later, opting to come in on the weekends when no one was there in order to complete my work. 

I started the school year by the usual--putting on airs in order to maintain classroom control in some of the toughest grades we have.  I will not be teaching AP chemistry this year. 

Now, I am sick, can't sleep, and feel overwhelmed.  It's less than a month in and the exhaustion is taking over me.  I went to the pharmacy and got a Z-Pack and hopefully whatever mess inside my sinuses and throat will go away along with this dizziness and fever.  My eyeballs are dry and hurt right now so I think I'll end this post here.

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