Rejoice in This Thing Called "Fate"

It happened; it happens.  Looking good, looking bad, looking ugly—it’s life, right?  Well, when I think about it, I realize that the truly inspired, the spiritually elite, they don’t see their life experiences as a combination of good and bad and ugly.  They refuse to eat a salad with both wilted and fresh greens in it.  This is not their past; this is not their life.  This has nothing to do with their existence. 

This has nothing to do with your existence—yours and mine.

For the spiritually elevated, everything is good.  It seems counter-intuitive, but every single occurrence is wanting of gratitude and joy.  It is not impossible to attain a state of mind where your will is so aligned to His that every motion of every occurrence around you is your choice too.  Can you imagine a world where this was your existence?

Can you imagine elevating yourself to a height only known by those who actualize the highest potentials of fostering their spiritual relationship with our Creator?

Let me explain something about fate that is a secret which most will never understand, regardless of how many self-help books they read on psychology.  We’ll call this the “Muslim Insider Tips” on happiness and accepting fate:

First, you need to go above and beyond the belief that everything happens for a reason.  You need to feel that God has hand-chosen every single thing that comes your way—whether it’s an alarm clock that doesn’t work on Monday morning, causing you to run late to your job interview, or whether it’s your own sinful mistakes.  He knows what you will do; He knows how you will respond.  He wants to guide you and only give you the experiences and trials that will lead you to perfecting your character and to abandoning the concept that this world is somehow of greater magnitude than your relationship with Him. 

The second step is to identify your purpose and goal through every occurrence in your life as a secret, special, catered-to-you-only opportunity through which you can elevate yourself spiritually and find Him.

So if you are humiliated, rejoice.  This is God teaching you to be aware of your own ego, because your ego fights with faith for space in your heart.  He wants you to experience eternal joy; and He is giving you an opportunity to win the battle inside. 

If you are outnumbered, rejoice.  This is God teaching you that all power lies with Him, and that the entire world and all in it cannot harm you or help you in any way without Him.

If you lose something, rejoice.  This is God reminding you that if you have Him, you have everything you need.  That if you have Him, you have everything that you want.

Do you want Him?  Do your life experiences force you to look into the mirror and ask yourself not what you want, but who you want?  Can you give God priority over all things—even yourself?

Are you struggling financially?  Spiritually?  With relationships, or socially?  Rejoice.  You are alive, and as long as you are, He is choosing your experiences so that you can grow.  The only thing we mourn over is our failure to learn from our experiences, and even then, we can rest assured that as long as we are alive, we have hope—and hope is worthy of rejoicing in.

And lastly, remember the very nature of fate.  Regardless of whether you are looking at your memories through a microscope, or summarizing the entire existence of mankind thus far—we are all the same in one respect: we will die.  When we hit the ground six feet under, nothing that we are taught to worry about now will matter.  The only thing that will matter is how beautiful we are—how well we have cultivated faith inside our hearts and have acted on this faith in our life. 

You will take with you only two things—your faith and your actions.  You will leave behind only three things—charity that keeps giving, knowledge that was worth receiving and which holds benefit, and offspring who pray for you.  So build for this.  Rejoice in the cycle of life, and in the fact that you had the opportunity to be reminded while your heart was beating.

Stop labeling fate in negative terminology.  Rise above that.  The spiritually-aware understand that everything which comes our way is good, and our challenge lies in recognizing how this is so, not questioning the reality of it being so.

Rejoice in this thing we refer to as “fate.”  And remember my heart when you pray for your own.  I’m happy for me and for you, for the good and the good.  I’m happy He gave us each other for reminders, and I hope that this knowledge—this connection between us—will benefit.  He chose for you to read these words; He chose me to write them.  Rejoicing in this brings our hearts to life.

Dena AtassiComment