Looking for God? Start with Nature

It’s a spiritual symphony.  When you can breathe, and the air is clean, and your lungs are happy—when this happens, you can finally begin to see through the eyes of your own heart, which is more spiritually aware than yourself, intoxicated.  So cleanse.

Leave the toxins of this world and step into the green.  Touch the flowers, the creatures.  Walk barefoot over the fallen leaves, crunching to their own rhythms as the remnants of their testimony that they fell from a life-source aware of the Creator sing beneath you.  Are your feet aware of the Creator?  They are.

But are you?

Have you ever asked God to show you a sign?

Nature is the answer to your request for signs of God.  Animals and plants--they are the representative binds between you and me.  We are women; we are creation.  We feel, we experience, we suffer—perhaps—but we also rejoice in the beauty of it all.

Next time you step into nature, feel the varying tones.  Listen to the sounds of nature’s symphony.  Indulge and release yourself.  Forget yourself, and just comprehend.  Every single living thing around you—from the grass alive and healthy beneath you to the birds soaring above your head—everything is existing in a conscious state of praising our Creator. 

Only you.  Only you, and me, and all the other humans, did He give the choice to either join in this symphony of his sanctification and praise, or to deny its cultivation within our spirits.  Will we align ourselves and our hearts and souls with the rest of Creation?  Will we deliberately exist to praise Him?  Can you sing?  Can you sing for Him, even if it doesn’t require you to open your mouth or to use your voice?

Will you join the symphony of nature?

Maybe you ascribe to Islam, and maybe you don’t.  If you are seeking God, Islam recommends identifying nature and your connections with nature as a testimony and emblem of His existence.  With every indulgence and every attempt to coexist with nature, you should recognize that you are allying yourself with His creation and the recipients of His mercy.  He gave us nature; it is a gift.  Do we cherish, protect, engage these gifts around us?  Do we listen; do we touch? 

Do we comprehend the magnificence of a sky above us that we do not fear will fall?  Do we comprehend the scientific marvels in the ending moments of each afternoon day, only for the moon to shine in the glory of its appointed orbit? Do you feel, deep inside yourself, the existence and tender guidance and love of our Creator?  Foster it in nature; foster it with nature.  He is showing you the way; will you join the call? 

Dena AtassiComment