Missing My Big Puppy


After moving into the duplex in Nashville, I realized that the land was remote and would feel so much safer with a dog.

My dream was to have a Great Dane, but the moment I walked into the humane society and saw a huge Saint Bernard featured in the window, I knew that this dog was coming home with me.  My sister protested, as she wanted something cute and small, but I insisted.  


Shortly after we took him home, I had to leave again to Saudi Arabia and he stayed with my sister.  

This past summer in America was especially difficult for him because we were doing DIY home renovations and needed to keep him out of the way for our safety just as much as his own (he tends to tear around recklessly).  We built him a doghouse and I hand-built the mosaic granite floor for his doghouse similar to the porch I built for my sister (detailed here) only with grey granite instead of black.  I can't wait to paint it and take pictures of his new home this summer when I go back.

Dogs are different than cats in that, with cats, I can do my own thing and the cat can do its own thing and we are both perfectly content with that as an ideal companionship.  With Sheriff, the dog, he seems to think that his life will be over if he can't participate in my every activity.  It's adorable but demanding at the same time, and can be a bit hazardous when it comes to DIY improvement.

Still, I miss him terribly and it feels weird to be back in KSA without him.  It's strange to become so attached to animals after such a short period of time with them.  


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