Why You Should Own a Saint Bernard

 Sheriff being photogenic - August 2013

Sheriff being photogenic - August 2013

They are photogenic. The end.  

I miss my puppy. ): 

Saint Bernards are super-smart.  We built him a beautiful big dog house over the summer that wound up with a leaky roof and he decided he was sick of it, so one rainy day he figured out how to get out from under the fence.  He knows how to open the bottom floor door to get into my side of the duplex (assuming it's unlocked).  If it's locked, he likes to roam around the neighborhood (which can be bad when you have nasty neighbors with vegetable gardens).  

He has a habit of pouncing on people when he gets excited, which is dangerous because he weighs almost 200lbs.   And he drools like, everywhere.  He also stinks.  

But he is the smartest, sweetest, most protective dog ever and guards our one acre of land with the diligence of, well, a dog.  He chases down raccoons at night and protects my sister's outdoor cat (but the cat is convinced that he protects Sheriff, *shh*) and is best friends with every squirrel in sight. 

Again, I miss my puppy. 

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