Liberate Yourself From Yourself


Dear God,

I intend my actions solely for Your Sake.  I intend Your Pleasure before that of any Creation, including mine.  So comfort me, and take me in, and don't leave me to my own vices for even the blink of an eye.

Dear Lord,

My heart is awake and is hurting for you.  My soul feels Your Presence and it wants to align with Your Will.  My limbs want to service Your Cause--so don't deny me actions that please You.

Dearest God,

Even in times when I feel the most distance to You, when I've fallen the farthest off my course towards You, all You have ever required that I do is turn my shameful face towards You once again and renew my covenant.  Thank you for this.  Your ultimate mercy stimulates tremors in my heart and gratitude flows through me.  I am so sorry for being me.  But thank you, for giving me myself back again.

Dena AtassiComment