Ramadan Notes - Week One

You know that God loves it when you fast for His sake; the beauty of this sentiment provides you with inner peace and sustenance.  And, as you struggle through this long, hot day, refraining from placing anything in your mouth, you realize that He loves it when you feed yourself and quench your thirst for His Sake just as much.   

He created your body with needs and entrusted you with the huge responsibility of fulfilling these needs lawfully.  So, tonight when you break your fast, you make it good.  You want your meal to taste amazing, look irresistible, and you want it to have a beneficial effect on your body--on the body He loaned you, and on the body you will sign back off to Him One Day.  Every bite you will take will be in His Name and for His Sake.  

Before Ramadan, you had, at times, been excessive with food.  You know that this is the moment He gave you to regain your balance.  And because of the light of faith inside your heart, you crave that physical balance.  You want the body He entrusted you with to be strong, to enjoy a sense of well-being.  You understand that what you give yourself for sustenance is a form of worshiping your Lord.  And you yearn to please Him more than anything you have ever wanted.

So you, reflecting His Light and Beauty, intend your fast and your food for His Sake Alone.

Oh children of Adam! Take your adornment to every house of worship; and eat and drink, but do not be excessive—He does not love the wasteful.
— God in the Holy Quran [7:31]
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