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Don't you wish this were actually a product? - Orlando, FL Spring 2009

Don't you wish this were actually a product? - Orlando, FL Spring 2009

I am researching the best marketing campaign (SEO, etc) to launch for this site and my eyeballs are saturated with terms like "keywords" and "target audience" so much that I see them flash before me every time I close my eyes.  And every time I speak to a marketing company, they encourage me to pull the Muslim card to attract readers.  

"Write more about politics," they say.  

"Chill out on the lifestyle pieces."  

"Market to the Muslim community."

But that's just it.  I didn't create this website for "Muslims."  I created this website for free women who simply like living against the grain.  I created it for someone who wants an alternative to mainstream culture and is just looking for a different way to live.  

And I just happen to be a Muslim.

The truth is, you do not need to be a headscarf-clad Muslim science teacher who likes Saint Bernard dogs, works abroad, and has a bajillion nieces and nephews to read this site.  In fact, you don't need to have anything in common with me whatsoever, except one main thing--the desire to tread your own path in life.  

So, let's clear up a few things about who my awesome readers are before we continue:

If you read this site because you're already into learning about religion--then great.  I hope this kick-starts your journey into learning about Islam.  But make no mistake: I'm not here to preach, although I do hope to clear up a few misconceptions here and there.

If you read this site for insight into what a Muslim American life is like--then great.  I hope I can help build bridges and show how human we, ruthlessly-targeted minorities, are.  But make no mistake: I'm not here to apologize to you about who I am or what I believe.

If you read this site because you are creative and active--then great.  I hope I can become one more little voice in your head telling you to express and share your talents.  And I hope you can support me in my journey to promote good causes using my own hobbies.

If you read this site simply because you like supporting the underdog, then I have news for you:  You are the underdog.  All of us are--which is great, because it's the underdogs that have special dibs with God.  And who needs an upper hand on life when you could have the Creator on your side instead?

If you read this site because you teach abroad, travel, or share any of my hobbies, interests, or eating habits, then great!  I hope I can keep up with you and continue to post content that you enjoy reading about.  But make no mistake: I don't intend on limiting myself to any one section of the site anytime soon (although I've been told to on numerous occasions).  As long as you're still down with that, then we can be friends. 

And lastly, but most importantly, if you read this site because you are soul-searching, then thank you (and everyone else) from the bottom of my heart.  I don't believe that being a Muslim will necessary lead you to knowing God, which is why I invite anyone of any faith to read this website (as a disclaimer, I do believe though that finding God will, inevitably, lead you to Islam, but I'll leave this for another day and another discussion, hopefully).  But make no mistake: You are both a spiritual being and a physical being, and when your faith translates into righteous actions is when you know you've got it straight.  

Having said all the above, welcome to my website to the 50% new readership each month.  I hope you stay a while, share your own insights, and come back soon!

- Dena

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