Getting Organized - A Comprehensive Crash Course

Files in Waterproof, Travel-Friendly Envelopes ~ Riyadh, KSA Summer 2013

Files in Waterproof, Travel-Friendly Envelopes ~ Riyadh, KSA Summer 2013

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to become fully and beautifully organized.  An even better gift you can give yourself is to remain organized.  Your life--your personal space--on the outside is inevitably a reflection of who you are on the inside.  

If your makeup collection is old and dingy, clean it out.  If you have unused and unwanted junk in your closet, then you may find that you have unused and unwanted junk filling your head as well.  Just like we need to dig deep inside of ourselves and cleanse our emotions, memories, characters--we should be equally diligent about keeping every nook and cranny in our lives well-maintained.

Part One: The Bones

Think about all facets of your life.  Start with inside your home, ignoring all the furniture, appliances, decor, personal belongings, and other possessions resting there.  You have:

  • Your household floors
  • Your household walls, doors, windows, and electrical sockets
  • Your household overhead, lighting, fans, etc.
  • Your baseboards, liners, and other permanent fixtures

Clean these.  Let them shine, and most importantly, let them show.  Don't allow these backbones of your home to become unkempt, or else the backbones of your inner peace will be equally faulty.

Part Two: The Bulky

Then start with your physical belongings, ignoring your personal items.  Categorize them.  What, in your ideal world, would you continue to keep of these things and what would you not have in your life?  Lighten up your load.  Be grateful for what you keep, and make a commitment to take care of it such that it is in its best condition possible.  Take an inventory of:

  • Your furniture and appliances
  • Your decorative items
  • Your books, stationary, and desk/office supplies
  • Your electronics

Create a "Care Card" using simple index cards for each item you own.  How can you maintain these things so that they are as close as you can humanly keep them to the condition in which they would have been brand new?  Commit yourself to, after taking care of the bones of your home, cleansing and purifying everything within it.  Also, consider creating a master file in order to organize your electronics and, more importantly, what is inside of them.  

How will you keep your files neat and organized in your cameras, on your computer, and in your phone?  Map out a plan, taking inventory of what virtual files you have.  How can you better keep up with email, social networking, and family photographs?  Map a plan.

Part Three: The Breakfast

Now, focus on your eating space.  What kinds of utensils do you possess, and how do you keep your things organized?  Write down:

  • The components inside your refrigerator
  • The items inside your kitchen cabinets and pantry
  • The dishware or china you keep inside buffets or elsewhere in the home

How can you keep things functional, beautiful, and well-maintained?  How can you apply the goal of simplicity in this area of your life?  How can you keep the smell of your kitchen fresh, healthy, and inviting?

Part Four: The Body

And lastly, focus on your personal belongings.  Take a list of your:

  • Clothing & shoes
  • Personal hygiene, hair, makeup, and self-care products
  • Accessories and miscellaneous items

It doesn't matter how beautiful you look when you exit your home--you should have all your belongings in the best of conditions and arrangement inside your home as well.  Create systems, schedules, and innovative tricks that help you keep all your personal belongings in amazing condition.  Every aspect of your personal space should be inviting, especially to you.

Part Five: The Basics

If you have completed all the above, it's time to create a schedule now for your time management.  Write down:

  • Current work responsibilities and time required
  • Personal and family commitments (fitness, dinners, etc.) and time required
  • Other activities in your life (community, hobbies, etc) and time required
  • Your spiritual commitments (praying, fasting, reading, supplicating) and time required
  • Managing your home and all in it, and time required

Find a way to fit your new goals of maintaining organization into your schedule.  You will find that the most difficult task is, perhaps, to set a realistic schedule and stick to it.  You may have to edit things.  This schedule should be developed and displayed beautifully somewhere conspicuous for you to see and continue.  

If you need any help, let me know and I would be happy to share some of my templates with you.

Good luck!

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