It's a Party on Your Plate! Mini-eBook Project


I am so excited.  I've been photographing all day yesterday and editing pics.  Today will be (God-willing) the day I write.  I'm working on a miniature ebook that can help people who are curious about trying out raw veganism similar to how I do it.

For those who know, I'm not a raw vegan or even a vegan, but I go through periods where I simply crave getting rid of all the crap and meat products and heavy, cooked foods.  I enjoy these weeks so much that it really does feel like there's a party going on right on my plate.

Unfortunately, before I tried raw veganism the first time, I had to slave away with hours of research, learning about food combining, caloric intake, monomealing, and all these fancy terms that I feel like may deter others from trying it out.

So, I decided to take away all the science and make a super-simple, easy to follow guide that can just tell you what things you should be eating during a one-week raw vegan escapade!

I pray to Him that the mini ebook brings benefit to those who read it and I hope you like it, dear reader!

Dena Atassi2 Comments