Singing a Surprise!

 Free Syria Foot in Nashville, TN ~ Summer 2013

Free Syria Foot in Nashville, TN ~ Summer 2013

I am so excited I can barely contain it.  Two years ago, during the very beginning of the Syrian uprising, I wrote a song.  I communicated with some very talented Syrian artists who discussed the idea of producing it themselves for months with me.  Then the issue slept, and slept, and slept.  I was crushed.  I contacted another Muslim artist who entertained the thought and then simply replied that it would not fit the "theme" of his new album (words cannot express how much respect I lost for him after that).  I felt hopeless.

Until finally, I woke up one day and just kind of decided to produce it myself.  I connected with a SUPER talented Nashville singer and producer, and today I got my first recorded draft back from him and it sounds AWESOME!  I got the chills just hearing someone else sing the lyrics I wrote with such heartfelt empathy.  I couldn't be happier right now.

So stay tuned!  God-willing, I will either upload it to YouTube or Vimeo once it is produced and I hope you will listen to it, dear reader, and love it!

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