Recycled Perrier Bottles + Devil's Ivy

 My Little Kitchen in Riyadh, KSA ~ Winter 2012

My Little Kitchen in Riyadh, KSA ~ Winter 2012

Way before my mom, God bless her, converted to Islam she was a hippie.  Not one of those "hippies in spirit" children of her time--but a full-fledged, ride-in-a-bus hippie.  She lived as a vegan for years, was totally into art, community, and chasing one's wildest dreams, and passed on a bit (note: only a tiny bit) of her free-spirited genes to me.  In retrospect, one of the things that actually attracted her to Islam was the emphasis of continuous actions like fasting, prayer, and charity.

Being my mother's daughter, I find myself extremely drawn towards all things eco-friendly.  I am attracted to this idea of living off the grid, of sustainable resources, of reducing our carbon footprints (note: this is an extremely NON urbanized-Arab side of me.  Any true urbanized Arab reading this may experience a bit of eye roll).  And although my actions are usually limited to scouring through webpages on all the above, I do find myself enjoying small projects like decorating with repurposed bottles.  

After reading article after article on the air purification powers of indoor plants (aka, no need for an electric air purifier), I finally got plant-shopping happy this morning. In my teenie kitchen, I clipped stems off of devil's ivy and planted them in unwashed glass bottles of mineral water (yes, minerals are good for plants too).  The results?


I'm in love.  

After-thoughts: Suzie isn't so happy because she can't get up above the cabinets to nibble on my art, but I read that devil's ivy is toxic for cats anyways, so she will just have to deal.


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