Simple, Versatile Spring Wardrobe


If you're like me and getting closer to the wonderful 30's, please clean the cheap, clinky fad jewelry and crazy colors out of your closet.  It's important to go for simplicity, modesty, and--most importantly--versatility.  Classy can be cute at the same time, folks!


Last weekend, I had the opportunity (finally!) to go shopping at a mall here in Riyadh called Riyadh Gallery.  It's got stores like Gap, Mango, Bershka, Zara, and H&M.  Most of my stuff pictured here is from one of those stores.

Here are my fundamental tips for a great spring wardrobe:


TIP ONE: Lots of Layering

Spring in Riyadh can be quite unpredictable.  I started by purchasing an oh-so cute, versatile jacket made out of hoodie material and ripped chiffon.  Then I bought tank tops and sheer tops for over ward.


TIP TWO: Mix Neutrals with Pops of Color

Maybe it's just my capricorn-ness, but I feel like so many women overdo the color in spring.  When you have a hot pink top, hot pink shoes, hot pink scarf, and hot pink purse...well, you just seem like you're trying a bit too hard.

The best thing is to get neutral staples like white, off white, grey, and beige, as you see I've done in these photos.  Save the pops of color for small peeks of a tank top or a scarf.  If you do get a colorful major item like a shirt, tone it down with all neutral accessories.


TIP THREE: Buy Items That Can Be Re-Combined

It's a good piece of advice to shop for outfits at a time.  But I'm going to complicate that a bit more and say that, when shopping for spring, it makes sense to find items that can be mixed and matched in many different ways.  This saves time for people like me who can't be bothered to play fashionista every morning, but need to look presentable and fresh every day--regardless.


TIP FOUR:  Ditch the Busy Accessories

Let's admit it, accessories are just as difficult to keep up with as they are fun.  I remember a time when I had fad jewelry of every color of the rainbow and I could match my purse and shoes with any outfit in my closet.  

As I grew a bit older and (hopefully) more mature, I feel like life can pass us by while we are busy being superficial.  It's nice to value a few staple accessories in our closet that don't take too much time or give off that cluttered look when worn.  I recommend wearing permanent jewelry and instead accessorizing with scarves.  This may just be my Muslim bias, but there you have it.


TIP FIVE: Buy Pieces that Can Be Dressed Up or Down

The above shirt can be worn over a jean skirt (or jeans, but for modesty purposes it'll be a long skirt for me) or over a pencil skirt for work.  It's important to make life easy and have some items that can be worn both at work and play.  We tend to get busy around here, so it's nice to have something on that I can go out to eat with friends in after a long day of work without changing my whole 'fit.


Happy Shopping!

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