Male Fantasies Trump Female Health?!


The above photo represents my reaction in a nutshell to hearing the song "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor.  Despite her super adorable vocals coupled with a catchy get-stuck-in-your-head beat, my "this is hogwash" neuron alarms were firing in full force through my cerebral cortex until I finally had to shut the dang thing off (the song, not my neurons, silly goose!).

Now don't get me wrong here--I'm all for these cutesy "love thyself" songs that seem to be every new artist on the block's claim to fame (and every old artist's unceremonious clawing to the billboards, cough cough Katy Perry), but these lyrics just cross the line for me.

In the b section (or is that a pre-chorus?  whatever) Meghan (Ooh look at me pretending to be all cool on first-name basis and shiz) meows: "Yeah, my mama she told me don't worry about your size / She says, 'Boys like a little more bootay [parenthetical thought:  my autocorrect thinks that should read "voltage" instead of boot-ay] to hold at night.'"

Um, stop right there.  What?  Any credibility she built up by singing "every inch of you is perfect" was just flushed down the poopy toilet with her justification of why girls should be happy for what we look like.   

Let me break it down like this: being overweight isn't the epitome of good health, and if you think that squeaking about male fantasy is a worthwhile reason for forgetting about your BMI, then you're really quite the dimwad.  Now it's one thing to teach your listeners to chill out about their weight because image isn't everything, but when you glorify the existence of extra adipose tissue (aka FAT) on the female body for the sole reason that it may play into certain male fantasies, you go down a couple notches in the "has a brain" department.  Like, just made it to the clearance rack.

What's even worse is that throughout the song you can here Meghan gurgling, "that bootay, bootay!" which really, in my mind, summarizes the total lack of self-respect that this song promotes.

Girls--if you are a size zero or a size two-zero (yes lovely, that would be a twenty), you should love yourself for the simple reason that this is what God created and placed you as in this moment in time, and everything He does is amazing and beautiful.  Your main priority shouldn't be satiating animalistic male fantasies, but it should be your health.  Besides the fact that you are drop dead gorgeous regardless of your size, I encourage you to strive to maintain an ideal weight for your body type (which I plan to write more about, God-willing, here) in order to be healthy--not because of the appearance of your glutes.  

And as a disclaimer, for those girls who are always getting it rough because people think you're too skinny--be proud to be "all about that [treble]!"

The end.  Thoughts? 

Dena Atassi1 Comment