Teeth Time!


 I miss my teeth!  I was the last of all my friends as a teenager to put braces on, and my one priority was to have them removed as quickly as possible.  

"You'll regret it later on," my orthodontist warned me, but I have always been undeniably headstrong when I want to be.  We chose the fastest plan possible, which involved only kind-of fixing my teeth.  There would still be a peg-shaped lateral and false symmetry that I insisted I wouldn't care about.

But, sure enough, over ten years later, I still felt bothered by this little tooth.  It made me look horrible in photos, and I decided to finally have it removed.  With Invisalign, no one would know that I was getting braces again, right?


Anyway, after the extraction I was in an unbelievable amount of pain.  It was difficult to teach, difficult to eat, and I wound up gaining a few pounds from Baskin & Robbins, located a convenient two meters from my apartment in Riyadh (I'm exaggerating, but yeah).  


The dentist told me that Invisalign would take over a year to close the gap, and she could use a clear-braces thing that was similar, called Damon (or something) which no one would notice but would work within three months.  I decided to go with this option.


After installment, I was in so much pain I began to borrow Tylenol maximum strength from a coworker every day and also live off of soup, courtesy of the Steaky buffet in Riyadh.  The biggest disappointment, though, for me, was that the Damon was clearly noticeable.  It was so noticeable that it drew even more attention to my mouth.  


While it is working quickly, and I can already see an improvement in the size of the gap in front of my teeth, it is certainly more painful now than when I was a teenager.  I can't wait to finish this--the impatience I felt ten years ago is creeping back in once again.  May He give me patience to do it right this time, and gratitude for the opportunity to fix my teeth not once, but twice.  I know this is a blessing that so many don't have--so praise Him.

On a very positive note and random ADHD tangent, this new look has made it extremely easy for me to scare the children at my school.  All I have to do is smile.


The end.

Dena AtassiComment