One of the disadvantages of living in Saudi Arabia is the fact that most employees at hair salons and what-have-you don't speak English or Arabic as their native tongue.  So when I walked into the local salon the other day, asking if they bleach stray eyebrow hairs (as I haven't plucked my eyebrows since performing the Umrah in 2012, thank God), I should have known that the Philippino stylist's enthusiastic "yes" could mean trouble.

Instead of bleaching the stray hairs underneath my eyebrows, she dyed both of them the darkest brown imaginable.  I felt like Brooke Shields only ugly. 

With a lot of makeup, though, I have been able to try to make this look work. 


It should be noted here that this is how Arab women typically rock their brows.  On the facial fur issue, though, I have always been more of a white girl.  But hey, I am thinking now that I could get used to this look if I tried.

After the salon fail, I whined all the way to a friend's home for pizza and we later hit up the Riyadh Gallery mall for a bit of retail therapy.  My friend-slash-coworker graciously photographed me with some sheep on our way.


And, to my shock and delight, when I saw my photograph with said sheep the one thought that went through my mind was this: I actually look Arab now!  

So, dear reader, there is a plus side to everything.  One perk of having man-brows in today's world is the exposure of half of my true identity--in case my spoken Arabic and bold nose wasn't enough evidence for you.  There is Syrian in mah blood.  The end.

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