Hip Pup Picture Parade Registration

Hip Pup Picture Parade Registration


Make YOUR dog a Hip Pup Model this weekend!  

Every dog lover deserves terrific, professional quality photos of their beloved canine.  But for most of us, it's just not something we could afford...until NOW.   

Sign My Pup Up!


Anyone with a Donelson (and immediate surrounding areas) dog of any breed and age is welcome.  We especially welcome rescued dogs, hospice dogs, and dogs with special stories/disabilities.


A photoshoot for YOUR pup!  If you register now, you are GUARANTEED to get at least 3 professional-quality digital photographs of your dog in action.  You are welcome to pose with your dog if you'd like as well!


Our Hip Pup Picture Parade photoshoot will take place at the Donelson Dog Park INSERT ADDY HERE.




Just bring your dog to the park at the scheduled time with his adornment (see below) and let us know you're there!  We will be taking the camera around and snapping some in-action, natural photos for you to keep--it's that simple.

As you may know, professional animal photoshoots cost upwards of $75.  So how are we able to keep the cost so low?  

Well, first--because we do this for fun.  We are the proud owners of over 10 pets ourselves, and we know how special it is to have shareable photos that our friends can "Ooo" and "Ahh" over online!

Also, by scheduling all the doggie photos at the same time and place, everyone winds up COST SHARING so that you can get awesome memories while saving your hard-earned cash. It's as easy as that!


We ask that every Hip Pup Model come adorned in something RED to signify our theme of "LOVE."  This way, we can also identify your dog more quickly at the dog park!  If you'd like to be in the photos, you can click here for some great pointers on how to be picture-ready as well!


1. YOU are responsible for your pet AT ALL TIMES.  Please be aware that there is more than one dog that deserves some nice pictures and we expect that every owner controls his or her pet just like you usually would at the park.

2. After the event, your digital photos will both be EMAILED to you as well as UPLOADED onto our Facebook page (to be announced).  We try to do it within 72 hours--talk about a turn-around time!!