We, The Lonely

While so many people saturate their lives with the pursuit of love and happiness, there are some of us who think that chasing fairy tales is even worse than growing into yucky old spinsterhood.  We don't have time for your inspirational jargon about a fantastic four letter word; we know it just doesn't exist for folks like ourselves.

Maybe some humans have the capacity to find it.  Maybe the wavelength they exist on is receptive to the receipt of such affection--but not all of us were created this way.  Some of us who are perpetually hurt in relationships, are destined to stand silently on our own two feet and carry the burden of this world without a permanent shoulder to help us bear the weight of life.  So-called "specialists" say that in order to find relationship success we must first feel worthy of a successful relationship, but what if it is actually the other way around?  What if some of us feel unworthy because we weren't actually meant for success in love?  

I don't think loneliness is something a good soul could even wish on it's enemies.  But I believe that God has given everyone a trial to learn to cope with, and for some humans, the sad reality is that a life of loneliness in love is it for them.  There's nothing wrong with that, but it would certainly make things a lot easier to just let go and accept fate instead of perpetually chasing after something that is simply never going to be there for us.

Dena AtassiComment