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 City of Riyadh ~ Taken September 2011

City of Riyadh ~ Taken September 2011

The search is on to bring you back home.  We have called hospitals in Turkey, contacted the US Duty Officer there, and even made several calls to the Turkish police station.  We have tried (unsuccessfully) to contact each of your siblings.  If only I had taken your mom's phone number when you offered it to me. 

Funny how things pan out.  I never asked for your travel details.  Turkish airlines said they had no record of you on the flight back to Riyadh.  Strange!   

I even downloaded iPhone applications to locate your iPhone, but then discovered that I needed your permission to tap into your location.  If I was in contact with you to obtain your permission in the first place, I wouldn't need to locate your phone.   

I am frustrated.  The US Embassy in Riyadh is closed today.  The police stations in Turkey are closed today.  The hospitals do not speak English.  The contacts we have in Turkey say that they cannot help without at least the name of your stupid hotel.   I even contacted your brother's agent, who does not have a habit of responding to phone calls.

I prayed.  And I am praying.  We are all praying.   

I am so happy you once showed me where your father lives.  We are planning on stopping by his house tonight to speak to him about finding you.  Surely your family is trying as well.  Surely they have also figured out by now that something is wrong.

Your friends at work noticed that you didn't come back in today.  They are worried, and they have been trying to call you.  We have all been trying to call you.   

As slim as the chances seem now, I know He will come through for this.  God willing, you are safe and this nightmare can end for us all soon. 

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