"Little Pink Box" Part Four Draft


Winter 2000

From the time Judi was less than three years old, she could see varying degrees of light inside others' eyes.  She knew how to differentiate believers, liars, fakes.  She trusted her intuition because it was--apart from her faith and family--the most beautiful gift God chose to bestow upon her.

She was skeptical during her first few gatherings with the other girls her age in Syria.  They ushered into a beautiful, spotlessly shining house and removed their shoes at the front door before stepping onto the plush carpet inside.  The girls almost shrieked when she arrived.  God bless the woman that arrived.

Judi wondered if this woman was sincere.  The lavish food offered, the breathtaking surroundings, the fact that every girl seemed to have on the same colored scarf--her radar from within her once-broken heart told her to be wary.  Judi toyed with her long, soft brunette strands of hair and apprehensively awaited the lecture.

When the Shaikha spoke, she exuded love and caring tenderness.  The girls responded to her giddily and dreamily, like they were with a superstar.  But this was not enough for Judi.  Her objective, analytical nature needed more.  She eyeballed the girls, the carpet, the walls, and then she decided it was time to open her green eyes and see for herself what this Shaikha had inside.

When Judi expanded her pupils and tapped into her special God-given energy, looking from the floor of the back of the room into the deep, dark eyes of the grand scholar sitting at the front, she noticed a special form of emanating light that she had never seen before.  It was not simply present within the depths of the Shaikha's pupils--but it actually radiated outwards and into those she cast a loving gaze on.  This woman had the power, with her presence alone, to help others feel the loving beauty of the Lord.

In that instant, Judi was filled with a sweet calmness.  Her intuition never let her down, and she was certain that, although her surroundings seemed like she was in a dream-ish state, she would be alright and that there was goodness in this gathering.  In that instant, as if she was reading Judi's mind, the Shaikha's gaze met hers.  Somehow, Judi felt the Shaikha's internal light, penetrating Judi's own and reflecting back upon her.  This woman seemed to already be aware that Judi had this same gift--the gift of reading light in eyes--and she gave Judi an expectant and knowing smile and lifted her eyebrows ever-so-slightly, as if to ask Judi, Are you happy now?  Yes, Judi was happy now.  The Shaikha's gaze held Judi's and they exchanged noor--light--although Judi's was still innocent and underdeveloped and not yet fully understood.  

As the girls in the room turned to see who the grand scholar was smiling at, Judi felt surreal.  She had not believed, prior to this moment, that there was another human alive who could identify, recognize, and possess this gift.  She did not know how to feel, but the calm intuition told her that she was about to step into a realm more amazing than her lonely solitude with the Lord. 

And, Judi's life--her spirit--was about to ascend over the next few years into heightened realms that she never dreamed were possible.  Although Judi had already attended these gatherings numerous times, this was the moment during which she met her first Saint.

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