When Fluffy Cats First See Snow

Dear Cat Whisperer (I know you're out there somewhere)!:

I know I preach against complaining but right now I am going to do just that.  Yes, you read me correctly; I am going to complain like a disgruntled zoo employee who just got assigned the task of cleaning up elephant poo.  Only, I 'ain't writing this about elephants.  Think smaller.  Think....fluffier.


You see, we brought these two fluffy beauties (pictured) up to Nashville from Florida, where you go broke on air conditioning bills during all seasons in all ways just to keep their Highnesses cooled because they were supposedly "built for the cold weather."


And since moving to this (otherwise) beautiful community in Country Music City, I have been promising these two little fluffballs a chance to see the snow.  But this year it really didn't snow too much...until today.

And so alas, this lovely white morning marks the very FIRST time either of the old farts (eighteen and nine years old, respectively) finally get to see their native climate.  

Yes, you must be thinking what I'm thinking, right?  Fluffy happiness frolicking in the snow like Bambie in the spring before seeing his mama die?  Or maybe they would paint with all the colors of the snow like Pocahontas?  

Don't worry, dear friend.  That's what I thought too.  That is what I thought too.

But instead?  

What do these whiney babies both do?  

They hightail it back inside like a couple of ameateur bandits who forgot their face masks on their way to the bank.  

Yes, sadly, even before I can get a decent photograph snapped of either of them to send back to Florida, the two of them go running back inside.  RUNNING, I say.  

And I find this completely unacceptable.  Who said again that Norwegian Forest cats and Mainecoons were comfortable in the cold?

Who said that again?  Because I have a bone to pick with them (once I pry it from my Saint Bernard, named Sheriff's, iron grip).


I'll have you know that these two kitties happen to disagree on everything under the sun, but now they seem to have made peace snuggling together in the best and warmest spots inside the house.  

And I didn't even get to take an "ussie" with either of them.

So, would you happen to be fluent in Meow and can talk some sense into either of these?  Tell them to do it for me.  Do it for the picture.  Do it for instagram.  Do it, for the world.

Dena AtassiComment