The Real Reason I've Been MIA

Alright, I've had it.  I'm ready to confess like a delinquent in a parish who sticks gum under the wooden pews.  I have this problem.  It's more like a disease, only before you run and tell FOX that Muslims use biological warfare and accuse me of carrying Ebola (although I have been quite sniffly lately Dunn Dunn Dunn #insertscarymusichere), hold tight.  Actually, disease is probably not as good a word as "syndrome."  Yes, see, it's a syndrome.

It's called "Shiny Object Syndrome" and if the name brings back any memories of Dora on Finding Nemo, then Congratulations!  You now know what it feels like to be in my head.  But where was I going with this again?  I digress.

See, the real reason I am sharing this boring tidbit into my life with you is because I had an epiphany (that, and I would rather write this than study for a quiz tomorrow on biostatistics).  

Make no mistake, I have high hopes for this website.  I know, I know, it looks a lil' shabby without the chic right now and lacks the abundant and resourceful content that I keep promising, but just imagine for a second with me here: A Future Visual Haven for the deep thinker in you who chooses life against the grain of popularity and loves that choice.  We have so many resources on the World Wide Web that it can seem impossible to drown out the noise.  And it seems that in order for anyone to build a name for himself or herself online, conformity is absolutely vital. 

But I don't want to conform.  

I want to find like-minded people and overwhelm you with encouragement, support, and a little inspiration here or there.  In short, all I want is to change the world.  Is that too much to ask?

Well, in this case, it is.  My days have been run like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory--buzzing from one shiny, chocolatey delight to the next without actually taking any home.

The problem is that I have tons of goals and then I lack the time-management skills and the focus to continue making them a cohesive reality.  I start something and don't finish it (oh noes!  I hear my Dad's voice in my head as I type this).  And this is a huge character flaw.

Do you ever feel like you suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome, too?  

(Of course, after my Judgy Smurf comment about it being a character flaw, you may just pass 'fessing up to this one, but bear in mind I am wholeheartedly admitting that I have it too).  

So why is it imperative that I--we, if this includes you as well--over come this?

Well, for one, the Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings upon him), who is my ultimate life example and spiritual guide, taught us to always perfect our every action.  But the Silent Elephant in the room screams: How can I perfect anything if I don't even finish it?  He (p.b.u.h.) also taught me to always keep my word, but I promised a fully revamped website complete with self-development programs by New Years, and I do realize that this was over a month ago.  Hello, cyber shame.  And for the record, I'm sorry.

And secondly, dreams becoming a reality tend to be something that builds momentum over time.  You see, as you struggle towards a goal, it's like climbing up hill--you have come so far, are so tired, and have more to lose because you've invested more.  That's what mechanical physicists refer to as potential energy (Parenthetical Thought: if you've never heard Shaikh Mokhar Maghraoi's explanation of spiritual potential energy, you are missing out! /End of Parenthetical Thought).  When someone with more potential falls, it hurts a lot more than someone who never left the ground to begin with.  But by the same token (just to prove how far I can take a metaphor) if succeeding in reaching a single goal is similar to sliding down a playground slide after you've climbed the stairs to the top, your successes begin to build momentum and you find that each additional goal and dream is literally that much easier to achieve.  It just takes that initial force to get your momentum rolling (no pun intended).

So, keeping these little mental musings in mind, am I wrong to continue pursuing my hopeful journey to provide inspiration to others who don't fit into the "norm" when I myself am, at times, in need of inspiration (not to mention a good kick in the shin)?  Or, can my imperfections benefit you, Dear Reader, just as much as my Shiny Ideas?

Reach out to me, please, if you read this.  I need to borrow your insight and inspiration right about now.


~ Dena

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