Overwhelmed with Painting

I think I'll be seeing painting in my nightmares.  I've been painting hundreds after hundreds after hundreds of square feet and this is just the beginning, preparatory phase.  I have laid thousands of square feet of vinyl tile at this point and my back feels like it can't decide whether it's going to permanently get stuck hunched over looking at the floor or stretched all the way back looking at the ceiling (yes I painted that too!).  And I'm painting and distressing desks, beds, chairs, ottomans, throws, dressers, shelves--you name it!  It's getting a shabby chic makeover.

Today I had a scare as well.  I dropped paint RIGHT into my right eye and it burned so bad.  It was very difficult to flush as well but thank God, I am seeing fine and will continue to monitor it.  Painting a ceiling anytime soon?  WEAR GOGGLES.  Don't risk the emergency that I had to deal with because your vision is foggier with the goggles--nothing is worth losing an eye (God forbid).

I will show pictures soon here and here, God-willing!

Dena AtassiComment