In the News Today...

1. It seems the United Nations are urging exit checks to make sure Ebola doesn't spread.  I remember how worried I was that I would be given a hard time upon my return from Saudi because of all the worries about the Corona virus.  I must say, I haven't researched enough yet to figure out whether or not I think the Ebola virus is being taken care of properly.  We will see.

2. Michael Brown's autopsy shows no signs of struggle and he was shot six times, twice in the head.  Seriously, you can give the police any excuse you want but there just is no way to explain stuff like this.  I hope more people speak up and I am brainstorming what I may be able to do to pitch in whatever little help I can.

3. Robin William's death is finally beginning to cause some public speculation on the usage of SSRI's, a certain type of anti-depressant.  I myself just recovered from a Facebook war for suggesting that his death may not have been caused by depression as much as it could have been caused by the medication he took for depression.  SSRIs are known to cause suicidal ideations and I truly don't know how any God-fearing doctor could prescribe them as often as they are prescribed in the States.

4. ISIS is at it again--murdering, rampaging, and spreading corruption on earth.  I feel sometimes like they are deliberately planted in order to take our minds off of the innocent victims--who are still suffering worse fatalities--under Bashar Assad (please drop the "al" before "Assad," as it should only be reserved for families worthy of a morsel of respect).  I have decided to re-name ISIS as the "Idiot's State for Intolerant Sociopaths."  

5. Can Gaza begin to reconstruct?  We'll see, God-willing...

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