God Guide the Devils in ISIS

Dear God, 

There are people spreading mischief in Your Beloved Name.  They are committing horrific atrocities and ascribing them to Your beautiful faith--Islam.  What a name--Islam.  Submitting to You.  How can they claim to submit themselves to You? How can they claim to establish a state that submits itself to You?  All they do is act in the most vile and cruel ways.  I cry out to You.  Guide them to act by Your love and not act accordingly to the demonic whispers that dictate their actions right now.

They beheaded an innocent human in Your Name today.  Like you say in Your Book, "And when they are told, 'Do not spread corruption on earth,' they say: 'We are (actually) the righteous-doers.' But they are the mischief-spreaders only they do not feel it."  There are no words to describe my feelings, but I pray to You to protect the believers from this horrible, horrible name "ISIS."

Dena AtassiComment