A BLOG? What For?

Me getting paint on my face instead of...BLOGGING!

So, when I began developing this site I really thought that it was obvious that virtually EVERY section to the left of this entry is a blog.  There's a blog about God, about yourself, about appearance, family, house, and so on.  But the gigantic google doesn't seem to realize this and has been poopy with my website's listing because there isn't a page with the title "blog."  How can it list this site in a search for, let's say, "healthy lifestyle blog" or "lifestyle blog for women" if there IS no word "blog" on the entire site?

So, we decided to simply add a "Blog" page and update it daily (God-willing).  The other pages will be updated as well, but will, hopefully, take on more full-fledged-article format.  This will be a fun, quick little day-to-day thing.

Ufffff...more WORK!  Just kidding...I can't wait! (;

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