Aspiring Towards "All the Above."

To be honest, filling this isn't exactly at the top of my to-do list.  I feel quite guilty admitting this because I know that this is arguably the most important page, but life can get hectic!  

My Site Goals:

My first phase for this site is to focus on content and share what I've got.  But bear in mind that I am a graduate student and I work full time, so it can get cray-cray around here!  

During the second phase of this site I plan to begin promoting, so thank you for being here and showing me your support before we officially launch!  I also hope to interact more with readers and have more subscriber-specific content (which is for you, dear friend!).  

During the third phase, I dream for my humble little site to have evolved into a comprehensive lifestyle and spirituality corner.  Please pray for me, and ask God to not let our efforts go to waste.  From there, we will--God-willing--keep adapting and see where He takes this!

Also, my dream "About Me" page will contain something special, creative, and meaningful, so stay tuned!

In the Meantime: 

I would be so grateful for your feedback!  

You can comment on my posts, or send me private messages here.

Oh, and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter!  I give gifts to my wonderful subscribers. (; 

Love always,

~ Dena